From the baking wastes of the Aussie outback to the wild shores of Sydney’s surfing beaches, join the everyday heroes struggling to deal with emergencies in one of the world’s most extreme landscapes. Emergency Rescue Down Under takes you to the heart of the action with the cops, flying doctors, flight nurses, vets and firefighters..

In hangars and machine shops the length and breadth of Britain a brave bunch of engineers and aviators are battling to keep the UK’s most historic warplanes in the air.

Adventures on two of the North's most dramatic rivers.
River Walks

Adventures on two of the North’s most dramatic rivers. Join Kirsten O’Brien and Amar Latif on their epic journeys along the Tees and the Nidd.

"The cars bring people together."
Bangers & Cash

Meet the family of vintage car-crazy petrol-heads with oil in their veins and classic motors on their minds… Now Air TV is joining the larger than life family firm in the cab on an extraordinary road-trip as they recover cars that have been forgotten for decades.

Tackling the most critical cases in the most dangerous places
999 Rescue Squad

999 Rescue Squad gives viewers a vivid insight into the adrenaline-packed working lives of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s HART Team. We’re alongside them as they enter accident scenes, support police confronting armed criminals, brave toxic gas clouds and abseil down cliff-faces.

Series 4 coming soon
Helicopter ER

Never before have cameras got so close to the cutting edge of modern emergency medicine. Helicopter ER races into action at 170 miles an hour aboard Europe’s most up-to-date medical choppers and their heroic crews.