They are Britain’s most ambitious home builders, determined to build a new life for their families while taking on the country’s most rundown abandoned buildings.

From crumbling railway stations to abandoned RAF bases, disused lighthouses to imposing water towers, across the UK dozens of enthusiastic families with ambition and building skills are hard at work turning the unloved and neglected relics of our history into a unique place to live.

Where most of us see a derelict eyesore ripe for demolition, they see an ideal modern home… often inspired by a private passion.

Now HGTV is joining Britain’s bravest self-building families in a bold new format where a series of epic projects are stretching the limits of the planning laws, building technology and their own wallets…

Throughout this landmark series, we’ll get closer than ever before to the realities of ambitious self builds, while unearthing fascinating facts, uncovering new archive and celebrating the passion for intricate building and engineering techniques that are saving some of the country’s most fascinating buildings…

Derelict Rescue is currently under construction and is due to transmit on Discovery’s HGTV channel and Discovery+ in early 2022. 

Derelict Rescue
Broadcaster: Discovery
istributor: Parade